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With nearly 30 years of expertise in sensory testing technologies, Alpha MOS offers global services in sensory analysis, ranging from:

leasing of our solutions with full support from our technical teams.


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Discover also BOYDSense, the Alpha MOS subsidiary developping a non-invasive system for medical diagnosis based on breath analysis.

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Customer reference

Hellenic Republic Ministry of Development

Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.

Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie (PTUK)


Improving agricultural products’ quality


Assuring food quality and safety

Oishi Group

Development and production of ready to cook and ready to eat products, sauces, ready-to-drink tea beverages

Coffee Board

Research & Development on Coffee Quality Improvement

Ghent University

Food research on a variety of products

Wageningen University

Relating food quality to visual aspect with IRIS electronic eye

Quality control of non-carbonated beverages

Jiahe Food Industry Co.

An e-nose for aroma research on coffee powder and other products


Recycled Plastics Quality Control

New Max

Sensory testing of condiments and raw materials

Tosoh Corporation

VOC Measurement and Smell Quality Management of Polyurethane Foam


"We will make full use of the electronic nose system [...] to improve the accuracy of the quality inspection."


Heracles QA Solution detects the presence of “off-flavors”


Food Flavors Quality Control

Tokyo University of Agriculture

Aroma, Taste and Appearance Analysis for Food & Cosmetic Research


Detection of fraud on food product origin

Corvinius University

Testing quality attributes of liquid foods with the electronic tongue


Gelatin quality control

Edmund Mach Foundation

Assessment of the perceived quality of food products using a Visual Analyzer


Electronic nose: transition to quality conscious thinking

IFV (French Institute in Vine and Wine)

Analysis of Shutter Impact on Wine Aroma

Optimum Nutrition

E-sensing instruments to enhance product development & insure food quality

Food for Health Ireland - University College Dublin

Evaluation of the sensory characteristics of functional ingredients produced from milk


An e-nose for higher quality beverage closures