Meet your consumers’ requirements thanks to our sensory analysis services. From development to production, assure the success of your beverage products thanks to our high precision instruments for sensory analysis

sensory analysis beverage and drinks

In the beverage industry like in the food industry, sensory analysis is frequently used by manufacturers to know precisely the products they market and to answer the demand of distribution networks that want to make sure that the products they sell have sensory features that make them stand out or on the contrary that make them look like leading products.

Assure an exceptional odour and taste quality for your drinks

Combining reproducibility and rapidity of analysis, our sensory analysis instruments allow to increase the reliability and the caapbilities in sensory analysis (odour, taste, visual aspect) of beverages from formulation steps up to the quality control of production:

  • Support to new products development : comparisons of recipes and manufacturing processes (storage conditions, maturation, sterilization, etc), benchmarking of competitive products, follow-up of the stability of the sensory characteristics of food ingredients and beverages
  • Sensory control of food ingredients and raw materials upon receipt and validation of suppliers
  • Characterization of the influence of the manufacturing process on the sensory properties of beverages
  • Sensory conformity tests of beverage products : control of aroma and taste quality, visual inspection, detection of off-odours, checking of a taste masking
  • Investigation of consumer claims and identification of sensory defects in beverages
  • Organoleptic control of beverage packaging
  • Authentication of drinks origin and detection of counterfeit or fraudulent products.