Our sensory analysis offer


A wide range of services, tailored to every need

alpha mos sensory analysis offerFrom one-time need to daily use, in Quality Control or Product Development, we customize solutions to meet your objectives of:

  • costs saving
  • productivity increase
  • quality performance
  • brand image preservation.


Using our electronic nose, electronic tongue and electronic eye technologies and softwares, we address a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Recipe improvement
  • Raw materials quality control
  • Process optimization
  • Final product inspection
  • New product development support.


Reliability, Flexibility, Responsiveness, Expertise

We propose three options, each one being customisable on-demand, to make sure you get the most suitable solution to reach your objectives.

alpha mos services offer

You completely outsource your analysis to our labs

Benefit from our labs, equipments and expertise alpha mos serenity service offer

You fully outsource analysis at Alpha MOS labs:

  • Analysis Request File (ARF) definition and experimental plan
  • Analysis by Alpha MOS experts
  • Report delivery
  • Results presentation

Who should choose SERENITY option?

  • One-time analysis need: product development, benchmarking study,  unusual production issue or consumer claim, etc
  • Recurring Quality Control analysis needs on an annual basis.

Advantages of SERENITY option

  • No significant investment, pay per use
  • No need for extra human resources or skills internally

We loan, you run analysis, we handle other services

Trust Alpha MOS for your daily sensory analysis in your facilities alpha mos service offer confidence option

The instrument is placed at customer site with annual consumables procurement and continuous tailor-made support from Alpha MOS (maintenance, application, data processing).

Who should choose CONFIDENCE option?

  • Regular needs in production quality control, with limited lab staff available on-site, need for immediate results / high analysis volume
  • Site to site quality consistency needs for global companies
  • New technology validation for R&D departments

Advantages of CONFIDENCE option

  • No initial investment
  • Limited extra skills required (training included)
  • Sensory analysis solution available internally 24h/7d
  • Bespoke support from Alpha MOS
  • Management of multi-site operations

You purchase, you use, we maintain

Increase expertise on your own sensory analysis and productsalpha mos service offer autonomy option

The instrument is owned by the customer, who additionally benefits from a tailor-made support package from Alpha MOS  (maintenance, application, data processing).


Who should choose AUTONOMY option?


  • Recurrent and long-term R&D projects
  • Multi-QC application: many different raw materials or end products

Advantages of AUTONOMY option

  • Full autonomy and control on the instrument use, with the added security of Alpha MOS support
  • Management of multi-site operations

Customer reference


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Edmund Mach Foundation

Assessment of the perceived quality of food products using a Visual Analyzer

IFV (French Institute in Vine and Wine)

Analysis of Shutter Impact on Wine Aroma

Food for Health Ireland - University College Dublin

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