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"Heracles E-Nose is great E-sensing tool to assess and monitor food products’ sensory attributes and qualities throughout the entire product life cycle: from development to post-launch, and from ingredients to finished goods", R&D scientist in a major food company


"We have been using the instrument for quality control and also for research and development. It avoids the need for maintaining a human sensory panel and at the same time it increases the accuracy and reliability of our analysis results. We can affirm that the purchase of this instrument was one of NEW MAX's best investments", Scientist at NEW MAX industrial. The company, founded in 1992 and ranked among the market leaders in the production of additives and natural colorants, acquired HERACLES electronic nose from Alpha MOS in 2016


"For me the main benefit is the possibility to prevent any quality issue. I use the HERACLES as a preventive tool, thanks to the fast and repeatable analysis", Head of Analytics in the Plastic Packaging Industry


"The E-Nose is a great and innovative tool that helps us substantially with matching products - by analyzing the products and compounds we are able to cut down on our development time", R&D scientist in a major Food company

"Alpha MOS is an international brand with high repute. It is the main reason to choose it. They provide friendly and prompt service. They show good communication and quick response on service.", Quality Supervisor in a soft drink company


"The HERACLES e nose instrument has a good performance to analyze the volatile compounds..", Lab Scientist in a major food company


"Robust equipment, software with very good statistical treatment", Researcher within an Institute of Environmental Technology


"Friendly software, complete library. Fast solution of problems by the maintenance team", Doctor Assistant within the Department of Food safety and Food Quality of a famous Science and Technology University


"The concept and software design was so simple, that's great. We use the ASTREE for taste masking determination", Formulation Scientist in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory


"The HERACLES e-nose helps us to identify the raw material of competitor formula", Food Scientist in a Spice and Condiments producer


"Device and measurements are very sturdy.", Quality Control Manager within a caps and closures producer


"The HERACLES e-nose shows a high robustness of results in terms of reproducibility and repeatability", Research manager within a well-known Food brand


"The equipment is very practical and you can evaluate a large number of variables", PhD Researcher in a Food Science University


"Excellent support and training by Alpha MOS staff", Principal Scientist with a food seasoning producer


"Fast analysis, no sample preparation required", Researcher within a National Institute of research and physico-chemical Analysis


"HERACLES is fast and sensitive", Senior Research Scientist within a dairy company


"The strong points of HERACLES e-nose are its versatility of use, performance in analysis, velocity and robustness’", Professor in Food Science within a National State Institute on Food Research


"It's quite easy to get started with the analyses", R&D project manager in the Research Innovation and Quality center of a bakery producer


"HERACLES is easy to use and quick to respond’", Quality Assurance Manager in a major coffee company