ISOEN 2024: discover the winner of the Alpha MOS award

This year the prize rewarded a work on body volatolome analysis for medical purposes


This year, ISOEN took place between May 12 and 15 in Grapevine, TX, USA.

The “Olfaction & Electronic Nose Symposium” was launched by Alpha MOS company, the first in commercializing E-Nose and developing further the scientific and technological exchange around this area. The first symposium was held in 1994 in Toulouse (France).

ISOEN brings together experts in various fields of engineering, from biomedical to environmental to materials engineering to the artificial intelligence community, from all over the world, to discuss and exchange knowledge on how to build the next generation of electronic instruments for machine olfaction and gustation, either mimicking nature or introducing novel sensing concepts.

This year, ISOEN accepted 36 oral presentations and 37 posters coming from 20 countries around the world. Three keynotes were presented by by Prof. Andreas Schütze (University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld, Germany), by Prof. Ping Wang (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China) and by Prof. Yogesh Gianchandani (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A).

Since 2009, Alpha MOS rewards the Best Industrial Presentation on the best application of an Electronic Nose or Electronic Tongue.

During this 20th edition of ISOEN, the Best Industrial Presentation award was granted to Nabil Moumane, from SenseDetect for his presentation entitled Body Volatolome Sampling: Deciphering the Matrix for Improved Health Monitoring". 

In his work, he studied the composition of volatile compounds emitted by patients' body with the aim to identify markers specific to Covid-19 disease.