Mission and values

At Alpha MOS, we share common values to give full satisfaction to our customers with our sensory analysis solutions

alpha mos mission and values

Our vision: to offer sensory solutions to improve human life anywhere at anytime

Since its creation in 1993, Alpha MOS has one mission: develop, manufacture and sell innovative and leading edge sensory analysis solutions for industrial and consumer markets. With customer satisfaction at the core of our business, our culture is based on respect, honesty and professional attitude.

Initially dedicated to the industrial markets, our sensory metrology solutions find an increasing number of applications in the consumer market.

We mainly serve the food and beverage market, where the need for reliable and powerful sensory analysis tools is essential to guarantee safe and high-quality products to consumers. But we also serve other areas such as the packaging industry, personal care and cosmetics or flavors and fragrances.

We are strongly committed to a friendly and respectful working environment  based on focus, support, execution and collaboration.


Our work principles and values


alpha mos values