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Jiahe Food Industry Co.

Jiahe Food Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Suzhou, Jiangsu. The company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of powdered oils, coffee, plant-based ingredients, syrups, solid and liquid beverages, providing innovative food ingredient solutions to customers around the world. Their mission is to make deliciousness everywhere.

jiahe food industry co.

Activity: R&D and production of coffee, non-dairy creamer, syrup, beverages and innovative food ingredients
Context: Food R&D, mainly used for formula optimization of products such as coffee and non-dairy creamer
Equipment: HERACLES Electronic Nose with AlphaSoft & AroChemBase

An e-nose for aroma research on coffee powder and other products

Formula optimization based on the aroma of coffee powder

Jiahe Food started using e-nose since 2019, and its R&D center in Suzhou purchased Heracles NEO. Their purpose is to develop new products and optimize formulations. Jiahe Foods use e-nose to assist in the research and development of several products.

In 2019, when Jiahe Food began to look for a faster and more efficient sensory evaluation solution, they turned their attention to the E-nose. Then they quickly saw the advantages of Heracles, an E-nose based on ultra-fast gas chromatography technology. It provides statistical analysis to discriminate samples from different formulations. Moreover, the AroChemBase has enabled further research into the compounds that cause differences in odor between products.

The benefits of using the Heracles

In 2020 and 2021, researchers at Jiahe Food published two articles related to aroma variation in freeze-dried coffee powder using Heracles E-nose [1,2].

The article "Heracles NEO Ultrafast Gas Chromatography Analysis of Aroma Changes During Processing of Freeze-Dried Coffee Powder" discusses the changes in aroma content and type of cold- and hot-extracted coffee during the freezing and sublimation stages.

The article "Study on Aroma Changes and Measures of Preserving Aroma During Instant Coffee Processing" investigated the volatile compounds and aroma types of instant coffee in the concentrating stage and drying stage and compared the aroma differences between instant coffee prepared by traditional and aroma backfill processes.

In the future, Jiahe Food's R&D staff will continue to work on the development and innovation of coffee, syrup, phyllo, beverages and innovative food ingredients, and the use of E-nose will be a wonderful part of this.



“We have been and will be using Heracles e-nose as a powerful tool in our R&D for years to come.”

Jiahe Food Company laboratory equipped with HERACLES electronic nose


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