Sensory analysis and human senses

Instrumental sensory analysis offers a solution to help departments working on product development, marketing, quality control and quality assurance


Alpha  MOS company specializes in sensory analysis and instrumental sensory evaluation for industrials from food, beverage and packaging areas.

Alpha  MOS develops industrial solutions aimed at digitizing human senses upon measuring a chemical odour or taste fingerprint or a visual fingerprint of products.

Three of the human senses are reproduced by the analytical instruments designed by Alpha MOS:
- the sensory analysis of odour with the electronic nose
- the sensory analysis of taste with the electronic tongue
- the sensory analysis of the visual appearance with the visual analyzer

The instrumental sensory analysis allows to improve products quality and to minimize time loss within the production line (batch release time, storage time, equipment cleaning time).

Therefore, instrumental sensory analysis has a significant positive impact for industrials:
- Instrumental sensory evaluation speeds up product development
- Instrumental sensory evaluation improves the quality control process
- Instrumental sensory evaluation provides sales tools on new products for marketing and sales departments
- Instrumental sensory evaluation helps quality assurance departments thanks to objective and reliable conformity tests and chemical analyses.

A number of industrials try to improve the quality of their production and to minimize associated resources. Sensory analysis plays a key role in this improvement process of products and production techniques.