New HERACLES Neo Electronic Nose

Alpha MOS launches the HERACLES Neo electronic nose that features increased performance for smell analysis


HERACLES Neo: empower your smell analysis

Continuously improving our range of solutions and instruments, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new HERACLES Neo electronic nose that features increased performance for smell analysis.

As part of the HERACLES range, this new version of dual fast gas chromatography electronic nose has been designed with an aim to save time while increasing analysis capabilities.

Easier to use

AlphaSoft QCData processing is further simplified: an innovative patent-pending method allows to avoid chromatograms integration step.

For routine Quality Control, a new interface makes analysis sequence creation and launching easier and faster for Production operators while limiting potential errors.



High performance

Don't miss small peaks! Thanks to an increased dynamic range of the detector electronics, the detection limits are enlarged: since there is no signal saturation on major components, the instrument is more sensitive to minor compounds that can have a strong impact on sensory features.

Think in the long-term. An optimized hardware design assures better retention time stability over time and better thermal regulation thus leading to a more robust instrument, with a longer lifespan.

More information in your database. The AroChemBase now includes more than 99,000 molecules instead of 84,000 in the previous version.