"We want to make the smell and taste of wine measurable"

In this article published in Labinsights, Vinoscent explains how the e-nose help them assess wine.


With two variants of the electronic nose, Vinoscent is able to accurately analyse the smell of wine, herbs and spices for a taste description that comes ever closer to that of humans.

"Measuring odour is quite complicated," says Arnold Koomans, co-owner of Vinoscent in Almere. The company was founded in 2013 and focuses on the taste analysis of wine, as well as the analysis of herbs and spices. "In the mass spectrum of wine, for example, alcohol is the most common component, while its contribution to the taste of wine is very limited. It is therefore important to determine the odour contribution of different substances in relation to their concentration. Ultimately, our goal is to arrive at the same taste description based on our measurements as people do with the help of their brains".


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