Sensory analysis instruments and customer satisfaction

Instrumental sensory analysis contributes to customer satisfaction by helping improve the sensory features and sensory quality of products


The success of your products relies heavily on their taste, the flavor they release or their visual aspect?

Assuring consistent sensory features for your products or organoleptic specifications within a range of acceptable values for the manufacturing of your products is made possible thanks to our sensory analysis techniques and to the use of our instruments at the production line.

Instrumental sensory analysis, within your manufacturing process, brings you a high reactivity to act rapidly when a drift in the sensory features of your products is observed. Consequently, instrumental sensory analysis allows to save time and to reduce «out of specifications» production.

An expert control of the sensory analysis allows you to optimize production thoughput while assuring a reliable monitoring of the manufacturing quality. Either for odor, taste or visual evaluation, our sensory analysis techniques answer your needs and contribute to the development of your company.

With a faster production, while assuring a consistent quality all through the manufacturing process, you will be able to increase your production rate, monitor satisfaction and increase your reputation.