Sensory analysis instruments

Instrumental sensory analysis offers a solution to help departments working on product development, marketing, quality control and quality assurance


Alpha MOS company manufactures and markets analytical instruments allowing to achieve sensory analyses of odour, taste and visual appearance:
- Electronic noses
- Electronic tongue
- Visual analyzer

What are the advantages of these sensory analysis instruments to evaluate odour, taste and visual appearance?
- A more reliable sensory evaluation
- A product with optimized sensory features
- An easier understanding of results
- A support for fast decision-making at the production level
- A competitive advantage compared with competitors

Sensory analysis instruments play a key role in analyzing the chemical properties and sensory features of products.
Besides, instrumental sensory evaluation contributes to the growth of these products on the market:
- Better products
- Optimized manufacturing processes
- Decreased development costs and time
- Products launched faster

Trust an expert in instrumental sensory evaluation, choose Alpha MOS!