Hydroalcoholic Gel Odor Quality Control

How e-nose can help control that your hydroalcoholic gel smells good...


The hydroalcoholic gel used as a hand disinfectant is an ideal, fast and effective solution against bacteria.
One of the main components of hydroalcoholic gel is ethanol, which can be produced via petrochemical process or from vegetal materials.

Some off-odors can come from ethanol and it is very important to carefully control its odor quality to avoid any inconvenience to consumers when using the final hydroalcoholic gel.

At Alpha MOS, we have tested several qualities of ethanol from vegetal origin with our Fast Gas Chromatography Electronic Nose. The objective was to check sensory conformity and investigate possible off-odors that could lead to customer complaints.

For more information, we invite you to download our application note AN042N: Hydroalcoholic Gel Odor Quality Control