Food testing and sensory analysis laboratory


Analysis of food and beverage is a key part of product development and quality control to ensure products safety and conformity. At Alpha MOS we provide the food and beverage industry with a range of testing services in chemical and sensory analysis.

We have over 20 years of experience worldwide in food and drink testing for safety and quality assessment of a variety of products: oils and fats, dairy products, seasonings, processed food, food ingredients, meat, fish, fruit juice, soft drinks, spirits, carbonated drinks, beer, wine, food packaging, etc.
Our range of services include:
- Sensory quality control: sensory conformity (odor, taste, visual aspect), off-odors measurement, contamination control
- Shelf life assessment
- Product authentication and detection of adulteration
- Competitive benchmarking on organoleptic features (odor, taste, visual aspect)
- Sensory profiling (odor, taste, visual aspect).

Because it is important to use the most suitable analytical tool in order to get meaningful answers to your questions, our food testing laboratory always deliver tailored services to meet your individual expectations and requirements.

More information about our range of food testing services and sensory analysis services.