Equinom equips its brand new R&D center with Alpha MOS e-nose

In its recently opened seed-breeding R&D centre in Israel, Equinom gathered all vital departments together –biochemistry, applications, sensory, and breeding, with the latest high-tech equipments.


Equinom is a tech start-up that uses computerised breeding technology to provide ‘optimised’ seeds to food and ingredient firms in the food industry.

The company’s new R&D centre is reportedly three times the size of Equinom’s existing facility and will include a biochemistry lab, food application lab, and a sensory lab.

According to Equinom, the new sensory lab includes organoleptic tools which can help to design tastier food products. By applying an ‘electronic nose’ (“e-nose”, Heracles Neo, from Alpha MOS), Equinom can analyse seeds for thousands of taste compounds, reducing off flavours.

Equinom claims that this technology, together with an in-house internal sensory panel, also drives the enhancement of desirable flavours as the company can trace the genetic background of “good” flavours, and merge those genetic traits into breeding algorithms in a way that the resulting taste will be an intrinsic trait in the seed’s breeding programmes.

Gil Shalev, CEO of Equinom, said: “Introducing the e-nose lets us target desirable traits more accurately and design seeds that produce palate-pleasing products."

“As a bonus, it also reduces the need for maskers to block unpleasant flavor notes.”


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