Alpha MOS takes part in the research program of the Brazilian giant of the food industry, New Max



Alpha MOS and New Max Industrial have been successfully collaborating for several years. New Max uses the electronic nose HERACLES of Alpha MOS for its sensory analyses. They are very satisfied because this electronic nose tackles perfectly their needs in Research & Development.

Since 1992, New Max is an international leader in the production of additives, ingredients and natural colorants. With research and development at the forefront of the food industry, New Max supplies, manufactures and offers natural colors and additives to various industries: meat and processed meat, food & beverage, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and others. New Max's portfolio also includes spices, flavors and a wide range of natural ingredients designed to help customers creating healthy and authentic products.

Within New Max, the R&D and quality management team is in charge of developing new products that will tackle the expectations of their agri-food customers. They also control the quality of production and raw materials to qualify new suppliers.

Aline Brigato, R&D and Quality Manager, recently commented on this decision: "We have been using HERACLES for quality control and R&D. The electronic nose allows a much more accurate analysis than a conventional gas chromatograph because it facilitates the work of discovering the chemical compounds contained in the products. The use of HERACLES simplifies the sensory analysis while increasing the accuracy and confidence of our results. We can say that the purchase of this instrument has been one of the best investments New Max has made."


New Max in short

New Max Industrial is basically an innovative company. It is one of the market leaders in the production of additives, ingredients and natural colorants. The company is always looking for more intelligent and innovative solutions for the food industry. With more than two decades of experience, New Max relies on its leading-edge expertise in research and development. In order to develop its products, New Max has created a network of talents who master the technical knowledge of new technologies.