Alpha MOS Solutions for Quality Testing of Pet Foods


Pets know quality, the eNose knows more

With so many options and rising standards in pet foods, quality is valued more than ever and, at times, even pets can be picky food critics. An electronic nose is a versatile addition to any analytical lab and offers benefits like precision, repeatability, and automation. Human panel testing has always been the go-to method for evaluating sensory properties of food products. However, in addition to common limitations of human panels (subjectivity, limited sample throughput, continual calibration, drift from gold standard etc.) tasters in pet food have additional challenges such as unpleasant flavors and odors, overload from high sample volume and—in the worst cases, sickness from contamination.

With our Heracles electronic nose, Alpha MOS offers solutions.

The eNose provides an alternative method for testing pet food quality with a number of advantages over human panels. The precision instrument offers a greater depth of analysis with rapid efficiency and automation. Off-odors, flavors and contaminants can not only be flagged but also identified and even quantified with our user-friendly AroChemBase software and gold standards of your target sensory profile can be maintained with high accuracy over decades of repeatable testing.

Example Applications for pet food:

  • Monitor product oxidation and shelf stability
  • Flag ingredient variation in animal and plant proteins and fats/oils
  • Batch to batch consistency in odor profile
  • Aroma/flavor benchmarking/retro-engineering
  • Reduce subjectivity of sensory panels; high throughput; automation ...

Even without replacing the human element in your process, our eNose can deliver the next level of quality and process efficiency. Contact us to schedule an introductory webinar to discover how we can benefit your process and final products.