Alpha MOS reveals the latest version of its IRIS Smart Vision electronic eye, a condensed of technology allowing the visual appearance of products to be precisely analyzed


The result of more than a decade of work, Alpha MOS is proud to present the latest version of its electronic eye IRIS Smart Vision. The product now offers unprecedented analysis results in both detail and accessibility.

IRIS Smart Vision uses a highly reproducible imaging technology, in a closed environment, to perform visual quality control of products. The algorithm used by Alpha MOS for IRIS Smart Vision allows the complex calculation of shapes and colors, as well as the advanced analysis of materials and their possible variations. These factors are then used to assess the quality of production batches, quickly and reliably. The batches are sampled and their quality is determined by correlating the results with human perception levels. 

The software solution itself is fully customizable: the evaluation criteria are defined by the user according to the requirements of the analysis. The interface has been designed to be easy to use by any electronic eye operator. Iris Smart Vision offers all the usual options: comparative graphical presentation of products considering the global aspect on color and shape criteria, color and shape data of the sample, export of results, etc... In addition to the new intuitive tools specifically designed for quality control, the results can be analyzed using the software module, Alphasoft Advanced Statistics, which allows even more detailed investigations, in particular for R&D needs. 

 “We are extremely proud of the work done with IRIS Smart Vision; it’s a strategic product for Alpha MOS. The hard work of all our teams coupled with the best of optical measurement technology culminates in this innovative solution. » commented Pierre SBABO, CEO of Alpha MOS.