Alpha MOS receives the 2021 European Award for “Best Sensory Analysis Solutions” for the second year in a row


“It is thanks to the hard work of its teams that Alpha MOS is today recognized for its sense of innovation” announces Pierre Sbabo, the CEO of the company. Awarded unanimously by the reference journal Capital Finance International (CFI), this reward comes to crown 28 years of building a world leader on its sector.

“Sensory evaluation is a vital part of quality control for many industries, especially in the Food & Beverage field”, insists, “and Alpha MOS has been a pioneer in the field since 1993!”. After modest beginnings, Alpha MOS is now listed on the stock exchange and works with giants of the industry in China or in the United States. Its high-performance laboratories and enthusiastic partners particularly allured the judges of who decided unanimously to reward Alpha MOS.

The judges were also keen to reward the products and services offered by Alpha MOS: if we obviously find the flagship products such as HERACLES Neo, ASTREE and IRIS Smart Vision - respectively electronic nose, tongue and eye working by gas chromatography - its subsidiaries are not left out. BOYDSense in particular caught the attention of the judges this year by proposing a solution of respiratory control of glucose intended for the people suffering from diabetes.

Alpha MOS would like to thank all the team of Capital Finance International for the honor that was granted to them: "We are very proud to receive the award for the best sensory analysis solution", declares Pierre Sbabo, "It rewards years of investment in Research and Development while recognizing the unique positioning of our company. We bridge the gap between the analytical sciences and the human factor: this is the core of our mission.”