Alpha MOS, a leader in the sensory analysis industry, reaches a new milestone in the mapping of chemical components with nearly 150,000 molecules listed


Alpha MOS reached a new step in building its proprietary database « AroChemBase ». The latest 2021 version of the unique software now includes 142,000 known chemical components. This unique tool will play an essential role in the interpretation of sensory analysis performed worldwide.

The “AroChemBase” software module has been designed to identify and characterize chemical molecules detected during an odor analysis, with the HERACLES electronic nose or any instrument based on the gas chromatography technology. Using the Kovats retention index, the chemical odor study module performs a reconciliation with the available data and delivers a list of possible molecules, classified according to a relevance index and with advanced multi-criteria search possibilities. The role played by this dynamic database is therefore fundamental for the realization of sensory analysis.

The development of AroChemBase started in 2007, with the objective of refining the results of sensory analysis research, a new and revolutionary technology for many industries including food, beverages, consumer product and pharmaceuticals. In the first version published the following year, the database counted "only" 2,000 different molecules, it very quickly sees an average increase of almost +200% molecules per year.

Alpha MOS is now proud to present the result of almost 15 years of hard work: 142,759 chemical components with names and synonyms, chemical formula, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) number, molar mass, retention indices, etc. Coupled with AI tools and statistical analysis, AroChemBase offers a unique, fast and reliable interpretation of gas chromatography analysis results.