Congress Olfaction & Perspectives

Alpha MOS is invited to give an oral presentation at the Congress Olfaction & Perspectives


Event co-organized by ISIPCA and Cosmetic valley, the 3rd Olfaction & Perspectives Congress: comme and see the future of olfaction, and get to know this sense!

Among the 5 senses in humans, olfaction is probably one of the least known but also one of the most used and the most promissing.
Olfaction development in everyday life promises huge progress in various areas such as food, cosmetics, medicine, automotive or digital technology.
But ot see this future of olfaction, you already need to tame and better know this sense : capitalize on the know-how and continue research on olfaction.

Alpha MOS will take part to the event by giving an oral presentation entitled "HERACLES Neo, the future of electronic noses" on Thursday March 16 at 10:00 am.

For more information on the conférence and the program, visit the event page.