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Assist to our webinar sessions on "aroma screening for rapid QC using fast GC smell analyzer" dedicated to Soft Drinks


You are interested in discovering new sensory solutions for your QC? Your weeks are going too fast and you don't have time to travel and to attend meetings? Through our webinar, have an easy access to new technologies presentation!

View this webinar and discover how Alpha MOS instruments enhance sensory testing. We provide fast and efficient solutions to ensure the safety, quality and authenticity for Food & Beverages industry.

Aroma screening for rapid QC in Soft Drinks industry

We organise 2 live sessions a day on this topic, so you can attend the presentation worldwide, whatever time zone you are in. It is an interactive presentation, so you are pleased to let us know about your questions and comments!

27/02/2018 at 10am (Paris time, UTC+1)

27/02/2018 at 4pm (Paris time, UTC+1)

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