Colour & shape analysis

With the electronic visual analyze, characterize the visual aspect of your products. Shapes analysis, colours analysis: this easy and fast-to-use tool allows you to get reliable, objective and detailed measurements. Precious data to produce a positive perception of the visual quality among consumers, also useful for product development.


of the visual analyzer to measure colours and shapes

The applications of the electronic visual analyzer for products’ colour and shape evaluation are numerous in industry since the visual aspect of products is often the first sensory attribute perceived by consumers. Thus industrials frequently use visual inspection, in particular during new products development steps but also during production quality control.


Control the conformity of your products with the visual analyzer

The consumer chooses his products mainly according to their appearance and he expects that his favorite products have a consistent visual aspect. With objective and reliable measurements, the electronic visual analyzer helps control the colour and shape attributes during the visual inspection of the production:

  • Visual inspection and visual conformity tests: visual control of the colours and their proportions, size distribution control in a batch, detection of visible defects
  • Visual control and assessment of process impact on visual aspect
  • Stability of shelf life follow-up of colours, characterization of visual aspect changes over time.

The electronic visual analyzer at the service of your R&D

color and shape analysisThe sensory profile and particularly the visual aspect of products have a strong influence on consumers’ choice and preference. Thanks to its numerous applications, the electronic visual analyzer is a precious tool to support the conception of new products that meet consumers’ expectations:

  • Recipe optimization to obtain the desired visual aspect
  • Re-development of product (retro-engineering) to change or improve its visual aspect: new ingredients, new recipe
  • Benchmarking of competitive products based on their visual aspect (colours and shapes)
  • Change of manufacturing process and measurement of the impact on product visual aspect
  • Correlation of the instrumental measurements of the electronic eye with consumers’ preference to support new product development.

high resolution imaging visual analyzer

IRIS electronic visual analyzer measures the colour and shape of products in a single analysis, and as they are perceived by the consumer. Thanks to its high measurement accuracy and its analysis reliability in the long term, control the visual aspect of your products to better satisfy your customers.


Unique benefits of IRIS electronic visual analyzer

Using an electronic visual analyzer to evaluate colours and shapes allows our customers to:

  • Make sensory evaluation more reliable within their company thanks to an objective and reproducible measurement
  • Improve sensory quality of their production and assure its consistency over time by assuring the traceability of products
  • Standardize the visual quality of products among production sites on a global scale
  • Control the visual features and the aspect of their products thanks to an in-depth knowledge of colour and shape attributes.

IRIS : unsurpassed technical performance

Using high resolution imaging under controlled lighting and imaging conditions, this instrument designed for coluors and shapes analysis features unique technical characteristics to achieve unsurpassed performance:

  • Simultaneous analysis of colours and shapes as perceived by the consumer: from a single picture taken with a high reoslution camera, the electronic visual analyzer assesses the overall product and measures all colours and shape attributes (dimensions, circularity, etc) on the product surface.
  • Simplicity and high analysis throughput: the use of the visual analyzer requires no sample preparation and allows evaluating large samples or several samples simultaneously, complex or irregular surfaces, in a non-destructive analysis. Moreover, the analysis can be conducted on the overall product or on selected portions.
  • Objectivity and precision for colors and shapes measurement: the use of an instrument like the electronic eye to evaluate the visual aspect in controlled conditions and with high sensitivity to colour differences, even slight ones, guarantees repeatable, reproducible and totally objective results.
  • Great stability of measurement of colours and shapes in the long term: thanks to a high repeatability of analysis and from measurements history, the visual analyzer allows to track visual attributes in the long term to guarantee a consistent visual quality over time and assure production batches traceability.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities: the data processing software of colour and shape data allows to evaluate both the global appearance of products and also to quantify particular visual attributes.

Thanks to a high reliability of colours and shapes measurements, IRIS visual analyzer can thus substitute to a sensory panel for some routine tests or for in-depth evaluations during product development stage.

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our colours and shapes measurement services with the visual analyzer


Customized services for your needs in colour and shape analysis

With more than 20 years of experience in colour and shape analysis for major companies from various sectors (food, beverage, plastics and packaging, etc) worldwide, Alpha MOS laboratories can deliver a customized answer to every customer need.


Why entrust your visual aspect analysis to Alpha MOS?

Be it for a one-time project or for regular needs, you will benefit from our expertise in visual aspect evaluation and our know-how on the electronic visual analyzer to assure:

  • A full support all through your colour and shape analysis project, from the definition of your needs up to analytical results interpretation for implementation within your company.
  • An objective and reliable colour and shape measurement.

By outsourcing your colour and shape analyses to our teams, you don’t have to support the equipment linked with the cost of acquisition of the electronic visual analyzer and you will rapidly obtain answers to your olfactory analysis needs, without the need to train a person from your company to the use of the instrument.


Applications of the visual aspect analysis

visual aspect analysis servicesOur analytical services, conducted with our electronic visual analyzer instrument, deliver practical answers to support decision-making with regard to product development or visual aspect conformity control:

  • Comparison with competitive products (benchmarking on the visual appearance), characterization of visual aspect
  • Comparison of samples of a same product collected at different times to follow-up the evoluation of the visual aspect and colours stability over time
  • Determination of the sensory profile of your products to help select the product according to a brief of consumers’ preference
  • Control of the visual conformity upon a manufacturing process change or during production, detection of visual defects.

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